Wisdom in the Silence: Mountain Eagle School

If you’re willing to slip off your shoes and the technology of today to reconnect with mother earth, yourself, and all that is, Mountain Eagle School may be the place for you!

Just outside of Gardnerville, Nevada (about 12 miles from the waters of Lake Tahoe), Mountain Eagle School offers a space to disconnect from the daily distractions of modern life and reconnect with nature and our roots. Dahlahk Pahtahlngee (Mountain Eagle) of the Wa She Shu Tribe has transformed his place of refuge into a shared space of connection. Visitors can camp, pray, learn, dance, come together in ceremony, and, most importantly, slow down and hear the mysteries in the silence.

Mountain Eagle school is a vision unfolding. For six years, Dahlahk has been working tirelessly to make the vision he sees in his mind a reality. “I can tell how each stone fits into that vision.” Tee Pee frames stand among pine trees against the open Nevada skies, a wise old tree opens her arms to shelter her students, and an ancient altar rock waits patiently to meet you within the circle. Dahlahk is creating “a place that feels like heaven on earth, where people can connect with the Spirit and the earth… Now we can get our relationship back, not only to our heart but to those things around us that are screaming at us.”

Alienated by his contemporaries, but blessed and prepared by the elders, Dahlahk has had to step outside of his upbringing to protect Lake Tahoe and create this training ground. “In my father’s day, there were no medicine people left, and they wiped everybody out. And so when I was born, I knew what I was supposed to do.” His parents were traditionalists, quietly practicing the traditions of their people, but to Dahlahk, this practice seemed disconnected from the rest of the world. Instead, he has created a form of spiritual activism to address today’s problems, but this requires the courage to be visible in a world where he was taught to “just be glad they don’t know who you are.”

Dahlahk says that we’re given the tools we need to accomplish our purpose, but for a time, his people were forced to put their tools down. In recent years, Dahlahk has been supported by spirit helpers from near and far who are helping him turn ‘Who do you think you are?’ into just knowing he is. “I’m still not good at some things, but I’ll tell you I am good at what I came here to do. My purpose is bigger than all of life itself. But to bring this down to this level of where we are is to allow everybody else to receive their message, also.”

According to Dahlahk, Mountain Eagle School is a training ground not just to learn how to make fire, tier a property, and how to rake up what’s needed and protect the rest. It is a physical way to help people learn how to return back to the natural skills that we all have.

Dahlahk currently works with individual students, but he hopes to welcome groups who have established spiritual practices to build upon. “People are coming from different parts of the world [and are] given a practice that’s contained in the circle. Our heart has memory, [so everyone should] do things in [their] own style. It’s about connection, not division.” Families are welcome, but parents are responsible for teaching their children, and all must respect the land and honor the silence.

Would you like to help bring this vision to life? Donate through the Mountain Eagle School go fund me page.

Dahlahk is also available for speaking engagements and is a wisdom sharer for the Sky Spirit Shamans Program.

Find out more at:

Contact Dahlahk at dahlahk@gmail.com

Published by Laureen Jordan

Laureen is a writer, a teaching artist, and a Reiki Master-Teacher. She has traveled to over 30 countries and hopes to add many more to that number in the future! She has a background in higher education, where she taught ESL and Italian. She can now be found exploring and sharing her talents and passions through her writing and her Reiki practice: Fair Winds Reiki & Mindfulness.

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