Going Home – A Lesson In Stewardship

Sometimes mindful travel takes us on journeys we would never have expected. Sometimes it takes us back home. As I mentioned in a previous post, my plan for this blog was to visit interesting places that offer wisdom in one guise or another. I started with my own circle, hoping to spiral out from there.Continue reading “Going Home – A Lesson In Stewardship”

Wisdom in the Silence: Mountain Eagle School

If you’re willing to slip off your shoes and the technology of today to reconnect with mother earth, yourself, and all that is, Mountain Eagle School may be the place for you! Just outside of Gardnerville, Nevada (about 12 miles from the waters of Lake Tahoe), Mountain Eagle School offers a space to disconnect fromContinue reading “Wisdom in the Silence: Mountain Eagle School”

Smoke the People’s Prayers: OdaBe (Northern Nevada)

Winding along a desert road just outside of Reno, Nevada, one may feel a moment of panic as they crest a large hill and are unable, for a moment, to see the road ahead. This is the road to OdaBe, and if you’re courageous enough to drive into the unknown, you may find new worldsContinue reading “Smoke the People’s Prayers: OdaBe (Northern Nevada)”

What is mindful travel?

Mindfulness can be learned and practiced anywhere. Children are masters, suspending disbelief to immerse themselves in whatever game or adventure of the imagination is at hand. I learned mindfulness through artistic expression as a child. When I pick up a pencil or a paintbrush, all of my attention is focused on each stroke. There areContinue reading “What is mindful travel?”